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Tina Heather Nadeau Specializes exclusively in criminal defense  & Criminal appellate practice, providing High-quality, Compassionate, & effective Representation for her clients.

Creative, Effective, Compassionate
Criminal Defense 

 ​​From the time you are charged until the end of your criminal case, Tina will be there with you every step of the way.

  Attorney Tina Nadeau understands that the stakes couldn't be higher for you and your loved ones. She understands that behind each case is a person, a story, a past, and a future.


  She practices criminal defense because she believes that all people are entitled to a zealous defense, that all people must be presumed innocent, and that all people must be free from unwarranted government intrusion. The Constitution protects each one of us. It is up to criminal defense attorneys to ensure that those protections are not discarded or ignored.

Protecting your rights.
Fighting for justice.

A true advocate for her clients.


always advocating for you
Fearless but Educated decisions

Progressive Solutions

to complex


Does not
back down
from a fight
dedicated solo practice, 
all about you

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